C.A.R.S - car allowance rebate system

Does my trade-in qualify?

1992 Toyota Truck 2WD
Select different trade-in 1992 Toyota Truck 2WD
Fuel Type Regular  
Engine Size 3.0 L  
Cylinders 6  
Transmission Automatic 4-spd  
Drive Rear-Wheel Drive  
Options (FFS), 2MODE 2LKUP  
Vehicle Category Category 1 Truck  
Combined MPG 18  
Qualifies for CARS? Yes. You may qualify for the CARS program.  
Other Trade-in Requirements
  • Trade-in vehicle must be in driveable condition.
  • It must also have been continuously insured consistent with State laws and registered to you for at least one year immediately prior to trade-in.
  • Trade-in vehicle must have a manufacture date within 25 years of trade-in date.
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