C.A.R.S - car allowance rebate system

Welcome to the CARS vehicle eligibility guide!

This guide will help you determine if your trade-in and new vehicle qualify for the CARS program and, if so, how much your trade-in is worth.

Step 1. Determine if your trade-in qualifies.

You will start by providing information about your trade-in vehicle. To properly select your trade-in, you will typically need to know the model year, number of cylinders in the engine, the engine size (in liters), and the transmission type. You may also need to know your fuel type (gasoline or diesel), drive type (2-wheel or 4-wheel drive), Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), or even whether or not your vehicle has a supercharger or turbocharger.

Step 2. Determine if your new vehicle qualifies.

If your trade-in qualifies for the program, you will then provide information about the vehicle you want to trade it in for. You will identify the new vehicle using a process similar to Step 1. If you're not sure exactly which vehicle you are interested in, this guide allows you to view the results for two new vehicles at a time.

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