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Compare Old and New MPG Estimates

2002 Toyota RAV4 EV


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2002 Toyota RAV4 EV
Electric Vehicle

New MPG tests are more realistic New tests include cold temperature operation, air conditioning use, and higher highway speeds.  Click for more information.

New kWh/100 Miles Old kWh/100 Miles
Not Available
MPG Estimates from Drivers Like You
User MPG estimates are not yet available for this vehicle.
Learn more about "Your MPG" With "Your MPG" you can calculate or share your MPG, and view MPG estimates from other drivers.  Click to learn more
Additional Vehicle Characteristics: 2-Wheel Drive

Combined MPG estimates are based on 45% highway and 55% city driving

Use the new EPA MPG estimates to compare to 2008 and later model year vehicles. The old EPA MPG estimates are listed on the window stickers of 2007 and earlier model year vehicles.