Step 1. Print out these instructions and the "Find a Car" page of the car you are interested in and take them to the dealership.

Step 2. At the dealership, find the make and model you are looking for, with the engine size and transmission type you want. Example: Honda Insight, 3 cylinder with a manual transmission.

Step 3. Some automakers post the emissions standard (LEV, ULEV, SULEV, or ZEV) on the window sticker. If the vehicle you are looking for is a passenger car, and if you find the emissions standard on the window sticker, you have found the car you want. If you don't find it there, look under the hood for the Vehicle Emission Control Information label. This label is usually placed in front on the radiator shroud (Arrow number 1 on the picture below) but may also be found on the wheel well cover (Arrow 2), the underside of the hood (Arrow 3) or some other visible location in the engine compartment. For a passenger car, once you find the emissions standard of the version you're looking for, you're done.

Photo of vehicle showing location of Vehicle Emission Control Label

Step 4. For light trucks, SUV's and vans, to be sure you're getting the vehicle you want you may also have to match the underhood label ID printed on our spec sheet. Light truck standards are more complicated, and often vary with a vehicle's weight class.

This is a sample label to give you some idea what to look for.
Emission labels vary in appearance, but they all contain the engine family or test group.  If there is no certification printed on the label the vehicle is not a low emission vehicle.