The following table shows a selection of hybrid vehicles paired with a comparably equipped non-hybrid vehicle from the same manufacturer. Price difference is derived from manufacturers' comparably equipped MSRP as shown in the manufacturers' online comparison tools. Annual fuel savings and years to payback are based on 13,500 annual miles, a mix of 45% city and 55% highway driving, and a national average fuel price of $3.47 per gallon for regular and $3.82 per gallon for premium.

Make & Model EPA Combined
MSRP Difference Annual Fuel
Cost Savings
Years to

Not all hybrid models are shown and no two vehicles from the same manufacturer will be exactly comparable, however, every effort was made to match the vehicles as closely as possible in terms of amenities and utility. Ultimately, consumers will have to judge for themselves how similar the vehicles are.

1. Hybrid models shown with an MSRP difference of $0 are available to consumers as a no cost option although, performance is not necessarily compatible.

2. For unique hybrids with no conventional counterpart, a different model was chosen from the same manufacture if it appeared to be reasonably similar.

3. Uses premium gasoline

To select different vehicle pairs including non-hybrid models or to consider additional cost factors, visit the Vehicle Cost Calculator at the U.S. Department of Energy's Alternative Fuels Data Center.