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Archived Questions of the Week

Question 38 (March 21, 2005)
About how much fuel is wasted in a year due to congestion on the roadways?

Question 37 (March 14, 2005)
For which of the following vehicles would you NOT have to pay the Gas Guzzler Tax when purchasing the vehicle new?

Question 36 (March 8, 2005)
Which car in the 2005 model year produces the smallest amount of greenhouse gases?

Question 35 (March 1, 2005)
The oldest gasoline station still in operation today opened in what year?

Question 35 (February 22, 2005)
The California Governor's Office has a Hummer that runs on what fuel?

Question 34 (February 15, 2005)
At what speed do cars typically get the highest gas mileage?

Question 33 (February 8, 2005)
Which State produces the most petroleum?

Question 32 (February 1, 2005)
How many days of imported oil could the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve supply in an emergency?

Question 31 (January 25, 2005)
Does the United States export crude oil?

Question 30 (January 18, 2005)
How many pounds of plastic are used to make a typical family car?

Question 29 (January 10, 2005)
What common piece of household furniture was converted into a street licensed vehicle in the UK?

Question 28 (January 3, 2005)
When tires are no longer needed on vehicles they are scrapped. What percentage of scrapped tires are recycled or reused in some way?

Question 28 (December 28, 2004)
Of the 85,000 1969 Dodge Chargers produced, how many were used in the filming of the popular "The Dukes of Hazzard" TV show?

Question 27 (December 20, 2004)
What is gasohol?

Question 26 (December 13, 2004)
In North America's refineries, about what share of crude oil is made into gasoline?

Question 25 (December 6, 2004)
In what country was the world's smallest street legal car introduced?

Question 24 (November 29, 2004)
Which part of our economy uses the most petroleum?

Question 23 (November 22, 2004)
About how much more will the owner of a 20 miles per gallon (mpg) vehicle pay for gasoline compared to the owner of a 40 mpg vehicle?

Question 22 (November 15, 2004)
What percent of all cars and light trucks sold in the U.S. in 2003 are sport-utility vehicles (SUVs)?

Question 21 (November 8, 2004)
Where is the best place to find the recommended tire pressure for your vehicle?

Question 20 (November 1, 2004)
How many new cars are sold in China compared to the United States?

Question 19 (October 25, 2004)
Which of these affects the fuel economy of your vehicle?

Question 18 (October 18, 2004)
What color vehicle was most popular in 2003?

Question 17 (October 6, 2004)
What is the August 2003 world record for fuel efficiency by a gasoline powered vehicle?

Question 16 (September 20, 2004)
How many gas stations are there in the U.S?

Question 15 (September 13, 2004)
In 2003, how many new cars and light trucks were sold in the U.S.?

Question 14 (September 7, 2004)
What type of vehicle is typically driven the most miles in a year?

Question 13 (August 30, 2004)
Which vehicle model has the largest ratio of female to male buyers?

Question 12 (August 23, 2004)
Which vehicle model has the largest ratio of male to female buyers?

Question 11 (August 16, 2004)
For every gallon of gasoline your vehicle burns, how much carbon dioxide goes into the air?

Question 10(August 9, 2004)
How much of the energy in gasoline is used to move a car down the road and run accessories like air conditioning or power steering?

Question 9 (August 2, 2004)
An average light duty vehicle produces how much greenhouse gas in a year?

Question 8 (July 26, 2004)
How much of the crude oil it uses does the United States import?

Question 7 (July 19, 2004)
When a car is scrapped, how much of it can be recycled?

Question 6 (July 12, 2004)
Jay Leno's extensive automobile and motorcycle collection includes the Y2K motorcycle powered by a jet engine (350 horsepower & 450 foot-pounds of torque). What's your guess of the city/highway fuel economy for the Y2K?

Question 5 (July 6, 2004)
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of hybrid vehicles?
a) They capture energy every time the driver uses the brakes.
b) They use both an electric motor and an internal combustion engine.
c) They have improved fuel economy over regular vehicles, especially in stop-and-go traffic.
d) They must be plugged into electrical outlets now and then to charge their batteries.
Question 4 (June 28, 2004)
What is the first year that hybrid vehicles were available for sale to the general public in the U.S.?
Question 3 (June 21, 2004)
When you pay for a gallon of gasoline, how much of that cost is due to crude oil prices?
Question 2 (June 14, 2004)
In what year was the price of gasoline the highest?
Question 1 (June 7, 2004)
Which state typically has the highest gasoline prices?
New York