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MotorWeek Video Transcript: Chevrolet Sequel Fuel Cell

Jessica Shea Choksey:With concerns over petroleum consumption by cars continuing to rise, GM thinks they have a clean solution.

As the first electrically-driven fuel cell vehicle to travel 300 miles on a single tank of hydrogen, GM’s Chevrolet Sequel truly made a historic voyage.

Under real-world conditions, journalists drove the Sequel in and out of traffic on public roads, expressways and all through the hills and valleys of New York state with water vapor the only emissions. Along with great range, the Sequel proved it could keep up with traffic with a 0-60 mile-per-hour time of about 10 seconds.

The Sequel concept is also the first vehicle to successfully integrate hydrogen fuel cell propulsion with a wealth of advanced technologies including wheel hub motors, lithium batteries, steer-and-brake-by-wire controls, and an aluminum structure.

GM will apply what it is learning from the Sequel to its Chevrolet volt advanced hybrid which could be available for sale by 2010. And that’s it for this week’s MotorNews.