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Dial Down Rising Fuel Costs

Photo: Fuel Pump

Gas prices are up 6%, increasing from $3.29 in mid-December 2011 to $3.49 by November 2012. The average driver will pay about $11 extra each month to fuel his or her vehicle.1

You may be able to off-set some or all of this increase by following our driving and maintenance tips.2

So, give our gas mileage tips a try, and saving fuel and money might just become a habit.

Driving Behavior

  MPG Increase Savings
Drive Sensibly 5–33% $0.17–$1.15/gallon
Observe the Speed Limit 7–14% $0.24–$0.49/gallon
Remove Excess Weight from Your Car 1–2%/100 lbs. $0.03–$0.07/100 lbs.
Avoid Excessive Idling   $0.01–$0.03/minute (AC Off)
$0.02–$0.03/minute (AC On)

Vehicle Maintenance

  MPG Increase Savings
Keep Your Engine Properly Tuned 4% $0.14/gallon
Keep Your Tires Properly Inflated Up to 3% $0.10/gallon
Use Recommended Grade of Motor Oil 1–2% $0.03–$0.07/gallon


1. Assumes an average fuel economy of 22.5 mpg, fuel cost of $3.49/gallon, and 15,000 miles of travel annually.

2. Your fuel economy improvement will depend on several factors, including how closely you are already following these practices. MPG increases are for individual tips. Improvement may be different when more than one tip is used.